Charles "Chuck" Wood

Schlawyn Wood

Operations Director, Manager and Instructor

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

BeachBody Coach

Schlawyn has a true passion for fitness and helping others obtain their fitness/health goals. She started her fitness lifestyle about 8 years ago and has made it just that, a full time lifestyle, loosing over 50 lbs along the way. Schlawyn has worked her way up to a Black belt in Ju Jitsu training under Charles Wood and is a 2011 AAU National Judo Champion. She has many hobbies which include; CrossFit, standup paddle surfing, longboard skateboarding, cycling, skydiving, Judo/Ju Jitsu, and Triathlons. She recently completed her first Ironman, 2012 Texas Ironman! Some of the races she has completed are:

* 2010 Du the Bear Duathlon

* 2011 T-Gator

* 2011 Kemah Triathlon

* 2011 TriGirl Sprint Triathlon

* 2011 Dirty Du

* 2012 HITS Triathlon Corpus Christy 70.3

* 2012 Muddy Girl (Top Heat Winner)

* 2012 Tri Girl Super Sprint

* 2012 Texas 140.6 IRONMAN

* 2012 Y Freedom Tri

Head Instructor and Hall of Fame Sensei

CrossFit Endurance certified

Chuck Wood began his training in the Japanese Martial Art of Judo in 1973 and was awarded the rank of Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt) in 1981 under Sensei Karl Geis. In 1981 after receiving his black belt he was invited to Colorado Springs, Co to train with the 1980 U.S. Olympic Judo Team. There, he was able to hone his competitive skills. Since the beginning of his training he has become a successful and respected competitor/coach in the sport of judo. His many titles include:

* 2010 Master's World Judo Championship- 2nd

* 2010 AAU Freestyle National Judo Champion

* 2009 AAU Freestyle National Judo Champion

* Induction into the Universal Martial Arts Hall Of Fame

* 1983 NCAA Collegiate National Judo Champion

* 1986 and 1987 Oklahoma State Judo Champion

* Winner of numerous Texas State Judo Championships

* Produced several National and State Champions.

Chuck has over 38 years experience in many style of Martial Arts, and holds Sichidan (7th degree black belt) in Judo and Ju Jitsu. He currently works with and trains several MMA fighters in the Houston area. As a child, Chuck competed in the junior olympics for many years. In addition to the study of the Martial Arts, Chuck is a fierce Competitive cyclist, adventure racer and triathlete with 21 years of racing experience under his belt. His racing accomplishments include:

* 2017 Idaho Coeur d'Alena 140.6 Ironman

* 2015 World Championship 140.6 Ironman (Kona)

* 2013 Xterra Regional Age group Champion

* 2013 Xterra Muleshoe Triathlon (1st place)

* 2013 USAT Off Road Triathlon National Championship (2nd place)

* 2012 Xterra Magnolia Hill triathlon (3rd place)

* 2012 Xterra Muleshoe triathlon (2nd place age group)

* 2012 Texas 140.6 IRONMAN

* 2011 Dirty Du (1st place age group)

* 2011 Kemah Triathlon

* 2011 T-Gator Duathlon

* 2011 Texas 140.6 IRONMAN

* 2011 Galveston 70.3 IRONMAN

* 2010 Du the Bear Duathlon

* 2010 Gateway to the Bay Triathlon

* 2009 Houston Adventure Racing Sprint coed winner

* 2009 New Orleans 70.3 Ironman

* 1997 Combat Sprint Triathlon men’s relay winner

* 1997 Kona in Texas Sprint Triathlon men’s relay winner

* 1996 4th annual Try Andy’s Tri Sprint Triathlon men’s relay winner

* 1992 Gator bicycle cat. 4 race winner

* 1992 Houston marathon

Chuck is the head instructor at Xtreme KidFit, where he promotes desire, discipline and dedication for young athletes in multi sport programs. Chuck has also served his country with distinction from 1983 to 1986 in the U.S. Army and is a state certified bodyguard and private investigator with Ultra Protection Inc. of Houston.